Injector Recondition

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Injector Recondition

As a car owner, we all know that diesel engines create a lot more smoke and soot when it burns fuel. This excessive soot blocks your car’s injector valves, creating problems for your car.

To make sure our customers do not face this issue, we, GT Autos, now offer our injector recondition services in Dundee. Just bring your car to our garage, and we will make sure all the injector valves and pipes are clean and working as they should.

If the fuel injectors are clogged, you will notice issues while turning your car on. Also, it will choke often, and the power output will be erratic. Whenever you see signs of your car injectors malfunctioning, bring your vehicle straight to our service garage at Dundee.  We offer top of the line & affordable service for all types of vehicles.

Injector Reconditioning at GT Autos –

We follow a strict series of steps while repairing your car’s fuel injectors. It is an essential component of your vehicle, with multiple small parts. So, our technicians take utmost care while servicing it.

We will –

  • First remove the O rings, filter packs, and caps from the injector.
  • Clean the entire body, making sure that there is no residue left, especially inside the component.
  • Inspect the sensor coil to make sure it is performing as it should, and holding the correct resistance.
  • Next, the casing and unit will go through a cleaning process that uses ultrasonic sound waves to remove dirt.
  • After cleaning it, we will leave it in a sterilised atmosphere to dehumidify it.
  • We will assemble it again, and run it through numerous tests. This includes a test to see whether it is atomising the fuel properly, and whether there is any leak or not.
  • After checking, a test will be done to measure its fuel flow. Properly cleaned and assembled injector valves should not pump more or less than 2% of the predefined volume.

Injector reconditioning in Dundee does not take more than an hour. With top of the line machines, we perform the process with accuracy and care.

GT Autos – Your trusted service partners

If you are facing any issues regarding your vehicle, bring it to our workshop today. Our team of trained and certified technicians will give you the best service possible, that too at an affordable rate. Book your appointment today!